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Vision Beyond the standard


Our Vision

We at Horizon Event Solutions have a great enthusiasm for conducting event management programs for our clients.  Our goal is to cultivate a relationship with each client that will sustain for years to come.  As your event management partner, Horizon Event Solutions will help oversee every step of the event planning and execution of the beverage program.

Who we are

Collectively the partners for Horizon Event Solutions have over 30 years experience in beverage management, festival staffing, event operations, mixology and customized beverage programs.  We are hands on with every event and will only bring in the best team possible to make sure that our clients event is more successful than it ever has been before.


Services Offered

What we do for you

In-person events are a great opportunity to establish the right impression and reputation for your company. Events offer a look into the company’s culture. A well-executed event can boost your credibility with clients, prospects, and media. Flawed events can cause irreparable damage to your company’s brand.

For that reason, hiring the right event management partner to orchestrate your events is critical. You need experts who can:

(1) Establish a consistent process flow

(2) Create a visually appealing aesthetic to the beverage program

(3) Cultivate relationships with sponsors

(4) Increase revenue price points and ROI.

Sample of Services

We will manage the end-to-end beverage logistics for your event so you can focus on other business strategies.

  • Handle all ordering, transport and placement of bar equipment and beverages

  • Select staff members based on skill and aesthetics 

  • Require staff to post social media marketing leading up to the event

  • Establish relationships with vendors and sponsors

  • Provide full order and sales reporting with complete transparency

  • Negotiate beverage contracts to obtain most competitive price

  • Oversee all bar operations to ensure optimal business flow

  • Install security measures to eliminate the possibility of theft

  • Planning & development with Client/Partner

  • Identify strategies for branding and sponsorship with Client/Partner

  • Customized beverage selection based on event demographic

  • Theme development and enhancement

  • Provide bar equipment


Staffing Solution

Our staff selection procedure is specifically tailored to the theme of each event and demands of our clients.  All potential candidates must complete our 20 point screening process prior to being eligible to partake in any event that we manage.  This screening method ensures that our client has the highest echelon of talent working to maximize revenue potential.  We make certain that the staff that is selected is well versed on all event rules and regulations mandated by the state, county and local municipalities.   









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